The word came around: the small community newspaper where I work as an editor/writer is having a meeting next week. Attendace is mandatory, obviously. Topics to include the state of the paper and its future.

So far in the last year we’ve had to endure furloughed days. Even before the recession (and the newspaper problems dating back even prior to that, we haven’t received raises in a couple of years. We don’t even have performance evaluations. What would be the point? “You’re doing a great job, a fantastic job. Sorry we can’t give you what you’re worth.” I don’t know what’s more depressing: the pat on the back without the money, or not even the pat on the back. Look, I know it’s not like the higher-ups are pocketing the money. There is no money. But in he meantime the bills still have to be paid, my kid is getting ready for college…what’s a fellow to do?

The section I manage is shrinking. I used to have X-pages, now it’s X-Y, and I might have to go back to regular reporting on top of those duties. Whatever it takes, but it almost seems like management is angry with the workers, like a grown-up who has a bad day at work and comes home and kicks the dog…

If I had to guess, I would say the furloughs will continue, a relatively small price to pay for keeping our jobs.


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