Tough day at the office, dear?

When I was fired from my last job (pardon me, “downsized”), I had an insane notice period: two months. I guess they figured morale was so poor there that there was nothing I could do to poison the other workers.

Compare that with some jobs theses days where they have a security guard waiting to take you away the moment you get the bad news, barely giving you enough times to pack up your belongings. Like they’re afraid you’ll go postal or something (with all due respect to our mail carriers).

My responsibilities have not be reduced at my current job, but the space I have to use has been. About a year ago, I used to have an average of six pages. Now if it’s three, that’s a lot. Of course, I also have a well-received, work-driven blog that takes up a good portion of time. Still, I can’t help but get the feeling I’m being phased out.

Will the tide turn? Will newspapers ever return to their previous status? Sadly, I have a bad feeling about this.


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