Where’s the love?

From time to time I interview journalists for various stories and/or blog entries. They are overwhelmingly generous — on face. I have commented “Thanks for you’re time, but I curious why you would even consider talking to a small fry like me.” And they usually answer that in this day and age, with the book industry going slowly down the slopes like Wile E. Coyote, they have to do more for themselves rather than rely on the publisher’s publicity staff. That’s why you have this explosion of blogs and web sites. I have to give them props, though; for those to whom book writing is not a full time occupation, all this comes on top of their day jobs.

But I digress.

On occasion I might have an idea I think might be appropriate for Mr./Ms. Writer’s employers and have asked to whom I should address such a query. Suddenly these people who were so forthcoming with their time to promote their own work seem to have precious little when it comes to a modest request. And believe me, when I contact these writers about their projects I have no agenda in mind, no quid pro quo. Just seems like a common courtesy to me. I’m not asking for an introduction or letter of recommendation, just an email or phone number. Is the industry that shaky that we’re afraid to help each other out? Afraid that such aid might one day come back to bite us when the person we assist takes our job away? It almost sounds like a veteran athlete reluctant to help a rookie, because the newcomer will eventually take his spot at some time.

Anyway, pardon my venting. But then, that was the whole purpose of this blog.


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