I Got Me Them College Tuition Bill Blues

You know how it is. You have the best intentions of keeping relevant, keeping current. Can’t even blame it on the fall off of a New Year’s resolution — it’s been so long since my last visit, I forgot my WordPress password —  but let’s give this another go shall we?

Things at the office are pretty much the same as the last time. No new hires, no new fires. We have another one of those (*&$ furlough Fridays coming up this week. Wouldn’t you have thought that some marketing genius would have that as a sales promotion? “Come on down to (store name). You’re paycheck is (x%) lower and so are our prices!”

Seriously, how are people supposed to make it when salaries are going down, but prices are going up? We have a senior in high school who is cursed with very good grades but no outstanding athletic talent that would merit a scholarship. And of course our child wants to go to an expensive college (not because it’s expensive, but just because that’s where the kid wants to go) and do it “early decision,” which I am totally against because why would the school have any incentive to offer a good financial package. My wife and are are “cursed” in that we make just enough money to practically put us out of range for such consideration, for the most part, which means deciding between crushing the kid’s dream and going into hock for the rest of our lives. The situation reminds me of the scene between Mr. Potter and George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life.. (You don’t have to watch the whole scene; the relevant part if right at the beginning.)

So it’s gonna be a stressful year. Who knows if I’ll even have this job by the time the kid is ready to start, or by the time the kid finishes? Regardless, I hope to be providing slices-of-life here on a more regular basis. On the bright side, if I do lose the job, it’ll give me more time to blog!


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